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Our team consists of passionate individuals who are kind, friendly, and caring. Our staff is here to ensure a smooth process throughout your visits.

Dr. S.M. Antowan, MD, CCFP

Family Practice OakvilleAt the helm of Iroquois Ridge Medical & Dermal centre is Dr. Antowan. He finished his post-graduate studies at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and was awarded Certification in Family Medicine (CCFP) in 2001.

He established Iroquois Ridge Medical & Dermal centre in 2003 and since he has been the medical director and the doctor in-charge of the medical-cosmetic procedures. He works closely with the management team to ensure the highest standards of care are delivered. Dr. Antowan personally administers Botox and Fillers at the clinic since 2006. This hands-on approach gave him an extensive experience in that branch and it also allows him to gain insight into your specific concerns and develop the best course of action.

In his free time, Dr. Antowan loves to read and enjoys listening to music. He keeps himself fit by playing soccer, tennis and swimming.

Dr. Wasan Mohammed, MD, CCFP

Family Practice OakvilleDr.Wasan joined our team in 2023. she is a Canadian Certified Family Physician and an active member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Her interest in women and child care as well as her passion and experience in mental health care makes her a great addition to our team. At her free time Dr.Wasan enjoys drawing , reading, and sports like table tennis, volleyball and badminton.


Dr. Sneha Vora, MD, CCFP

Family Practice OakvilleDr. Sneha Vora joined our team in 2016.  She completed her postgraduate family medicine from Northern Ontario School of Medicine and she is a Canadian Certified Family Physician, with a background in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She is a great addition to our team as she brings with her several years of experience as a physician in India, Kenya and Canada.  She is passionate about medicine and about serving patients of all age groups in our community.


Maha George, Certified Laser Aesthetician

Family Practice OakvilleJoined the practice at the very beginning of the opening of Iroquois Ridge Medical back in 2003 and served the clinic as an office manager up till now. Her responsibilities had a wide variety of important tasks ranging from promoting excellent patient satisfaction all the way to every day operations and running the clinic.

After research on laser machines she was inspired to learn and satisfy patients with the amazing effects laser machines have on people on the outside and on the inside. She then travelled to the USA for an educational hands on tutorial and lessons in the field of cosmetics at the National Laser Institute. While there, she attained a certificate in laser cosmetics to ensure that the patient experience is at the best it can get. The National Laser Institute where she trained and earned a certificate is one of the nation's top and most prestigious training institute in the medical aesthetic field. When away from work, her passion for embracing a youthful life will take her to attend meditation and yoga classes, reading is another healthy corner of hers.